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If you are an inventor with an idea that involves electronic hardware and/or software design you have come to the right place. Hennefer Electronics Inc. can take your idea from concept to production.

Low volume prototype runs are also possible for test marketing. My goal is to help you turn your idea into a product that will be easy to manufacture and provide you with one or up to several dozen prototypes so you can evaluate the sales potential of your idea.

Two important aspects of choosing someone to turn your idea into a working prototype are capability and trust. Please see what my clients have said about me on my client feedback page.

If you are new to inventing, I highly recommend that you purchase several books written by those that have experience with bringing products to market. The small investment in good information could save you thousands of dollars. Please see the Information for Inventors page.

Don Debelak points out in his book, Bringing Your Product to Market that the information to be gained from discussing your idea with those that are in a position to help far outweighs the risk that your idea will be stolen. He says, "You absolutely must show people your idea before you spend too much money on it. If you don't, you'll probably lose your entire investment".

Please call for a no-cost, CONFIDENTIAL, consultation about your idea at (801) 710-7992. See Evaluating Your Idea for more information.

Kirk Hennefer